How to Stay Cool While Conserving Energy

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Energy Saving Tips

Summer isn’t over yet! Temperatures are soaring across the country with numbers well into the triple digits. During these times it is essential to find ways to keep cool while still conserving energy and reducing your costs.

Here are some ways you can stay cool while also conserving your energy:

Close the Blinds and Drapes – Closing the blinds and drapes during the sunniest parts of the day will help keep your home cool by blocking out the harsh rays from the sun. This is an easy step anyone can take to try and reduce their energy usage.

Set Your A/C Thermostat to 78 – While your away from the home try and raise the temperature to give your air conditioner a break at keeping your place cool while you are gone. Not only will it help reduce energy consumption it will reduce your energy bill as well.

Add Insulation – Investing in better insulation can not only help keep your home cooler during the summer but will also keep you warm during the winter months as well.

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