Arbor Day and Earth Day Are Soon Approaching!

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Green Living Ideas

During the month of April, we celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd and Arbor Day on the 26th.

At Tomorrow Energy, our customers help us honor Earth Day everyday by choosing our EarthCare and EcoGas energy plans. Our customers have supported over 2.0 Million MWh of wind-backed, clean renewable energy across our markets, in addition to over 4.4 Million MMBtu of our Eco-gas product with carbon offsets.

Working with the Arbor Day Foundation, our customers have supported tree planting efforts for half a million trees. Tomorrow Energy’s impact with the Arbor Day Foundation is measurable and lasting. Trees and forests are a proven solution to addressing some of the most pressing issues facing people and our planet. These challenges include climate change, water quality and quantity, biodiversity health, human health, and environmental inequalities. The tree planting efforts cover 19 different projects and resulted in 531 acres restored. The benefits from these trees includes the sequestration of 189,546 metric tons of carbon dioxide and the removal of 755 tons of air pollutants.

We thank our customers for doing their part each day.

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