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  • My local utility
    • What sets Tomorrow Energy™ apart from other providers? Tomorrow energy is a different kind of energy company. We were created to focus on sustainability, caring and kindness. All our electricity products are backed by 100% National Wind Renewable Energy Certificates. Our gas products are backed by 100% carbon offsets. Our products are perfect for today, and they will help us create an even better Tomorrow.
    • What is a utility? A utility is an organization or business that supplies a public service (such as electricity or gas) under special regulation by the government.
    • How do I report a power outage? In the event of a power outage, you should contact your local utility for further assistance. Your local utility’s contact information is listed on your monthly bill.
    • What is kWh and how does it factor into my rate plan? kWh stands for Kilowatt Hour. Your meter measures your electricity use based upon kilowatt (1,000 watts) per hour usage and invoices based upon your monthly usage. A typical usage for a residential customer ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand kilowatt hours monthly. Your energy supply charge is your energy rate multiplied by the number of kWh you have used.
  • New service
    • How do I enroll with Tomorrow Energy? You can enroll through our website or call us at 888-682-8082. Our customer care team will work with you individually to help you select the rate plan that best meets your needs.
    • How do I find your different rate plans? Enroll through our website or call us directly at 888-682-8082 see what rate plans we can offer you today.
    • Does the utility account have to be in my name? No, but you must be an authorized user on the utility account, such as a spouse. This will allow us to communicate properly with your local utility during your switch and confirm your information most effectively.
    • Why do you ask for my current account number? In order for Tomorrow Energy to facilitate your enrollment for our energy services, you must have an active account with your local utility. Tomorrow Energy will supply your energy while your local utility will remain the delivery source. Your local utility will also handle billing and payments.
    • Where can I find my account number, meter number, and/or rate class? These will all be displayed on the monthly invoice you receive from your local utility. If you don’t have a current invoice you can contact your local utility’s customer service department and ask for this information.
  • Making the switch
    • Do I need to notify my utility company when I make the switch? No. Tomorrow Energy manages notifying your local utility of the change and sends you a welcome letter to confirm that your account has been successfully established.
    • When will I get my first bill with Tomorrow Energy as the supplier? Tomorrow Energy will be listed as your energy supplier in 1-2 billing cycles.
    • How do I find and pay my bill? Your billing method will remain the same. You will continue to pay the balance listed on your local utility’s monthly bill. Tomorrow Energy’s supply charges will appear on the local utility company bill, you currently receive. Tomorrow Energy will be happy to assist you in contacting your local utility for issues regarding your bill.
    • When will my service begin? Tomorrow Energy will activate your switch with the local utility. Service typically begins on your next meter read date after your enrollment is processed by your utility, usually within a 1 month period. Certain states and local utilities may have an expedited switching process. Give Tomorrow Energy customer service a call at 888-682-8082 to learn more.
    • When I switch, will I temporarily lose power? No. You will not experience any interruptions of service during the switch process. Tomorrow Energy provides continuous energy supply coordinated with your local utility company.
  • About Renewables
    • What is Renewable Energy? At Tomorrow Energy, our renewable energy comes from wind power. Unlike fossil fuels that are consumed when they are used to make electricity, we can use the wind to make power without consuming it. The wind, like sunlight, is a renewable resource.
    • Will my house make a difference? A small change today will build momentum and create big changes in the future. Your renewable choice today will help lead to a more sustainable future. Thank you for joining us on this journey to make a better Tomorrow.
    • Why Renewables? When we look at the future, or “tomorrow” we see an ever-increasing demand for electricity and we should be concerned about where we will get that energy. We advocate for a sustainable cleaner energy future. In the long run we feel the renewable solution is the best way to solve for the energy needs of tomorrow.
    • Where does your wind/cleaner energy come from? All our power comes from right here in the USA. We use 100% National wind, which can come from anywhere in the United States.
    • What kind of results do you hope to achieve by switching to renewables? We hope to increase the demand for clean renewable energy, and to encourage our customers to think more about sustainability not just in energy but in everything they do.

      We want to contribute to a better tomorrow.

  • Existing Sperian Customers
    • Is Sperian Energy still my supplier? Yes we are still your electric/ gas supplier! Sperian Energy is changing its name to Tomorrow Energy. You’ll see our new name on your utility invoices starting Feb 21, 2019. It may take 1-2 bill cycles for the change to be effective with certain utilities.
    • Why are you changing the name? We changed our name to reflect our renewed emphasis on building a caring and sustainably minded company which provides an outstanding value.
    • Do I need to take any action? Is my contract or price changing? You don't have to take any action because of our name change. Your contract terms and products will remain unchanged and Tomorrow Energy will continue to provide you with reliable electric supply service.
    • I have more questions. Who can I ask? Our customer service team is always there to help you. Please call (888) 682-8082 Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM EST.

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