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How renewable energy works

The traditional way of making electricity is by burning fossil fuels but there are cleaner ways to generate energy from sources such as wind.

Your electricity mix at home

Electricity is generated in a variety of ways and mixed together when it reaches the power grid. The energy mix that reaches your house depends on the generation facilities in your utility zone.

Electricity from renewables

When you enroll in a 100% clean energy plan, we simply replace the energy you use with renewable energy on the power grid by purchasing 100% North American Wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Your choice puts more clean energy on the power grid.
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About Renewable energy credits
100% North American Wind RECs

The energy that reaches your house will continue to be a mix from all sources on the grid, but your usage will be offset with 100% North American Wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). The energy you use will be replaced with energy generated from 100% pure wind power.

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What to expect when switching to renewables

  • Changes at your home
    None! The beautiful thing about switching to a new energy supplier is that nothing changes at your house. There’s no appointment and there are no physical changes to your property. You will continue to have the same reliable service as you do today.
  • Changes on your bill
    The switch to Tomorrow Energy happens behind the scenes at your local utility. While they continue to deliver your electricity, you will see Tomorrow Energy listed as the supplier on your regular energy bill. For our Texas customers, Tomorrow Energy will become your supplier and will send your bill including energy and transmission and distribution charges.

You can even offset natural gas emissions

Natural gas produces less emissions than those of coal or oil, but it is still a fossil fuel, and can cause pollution in the extraction process. While renewable sources for natural gas do not exist, we counteract its toll by providing carbon offsets at no extra cost.
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The Impact of Renewable Energy

  • Environmental Impact

    • Demand for RECs will accelerate the development of renewable energy across the market.
    • Many forms of renewable energy use little to no water.
    • Renewable energy is completely sustainable and does not cause harm to the land like fossil-fuel extraction.
    • Renewable energy does not create carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury, nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) or particulate matter into the air, water or soil.
  • Economic Impact

    • Demand for renewable energy creates more employment opportunities in the green job sector.
    • Renewable energy is a homegrown energy source, helping secure America’s energy future and decrease our dependence on foreign energy.
    • Renewable generation facilities are usually built in rural areas to take advantage of ample space and resource potential.

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